Today was a triumphant day for me. A fellow Etsian messaged me to let me know that our former stalker was finally "down". Her site domain was for sale. We had been cyber-bullied by Nora Laguna for a few years (yes, years) and this is a small final victory.

For a while, I hid my online identity so that she could not find me so easily. Until I could get her blocked everywhere, she harassed me on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and anywhere my real name or business name popped up. Of course I was not the only one she was bullying, so I was contacted by others and banded together to take her down.

She didn't go down without a fight. We used her own tactics right back at her, attacking on Facebook, Twitter, and other means. One group devoted a web page on (now defunct). I personally had her removed from eBay and formed another group on Etsy to have both of her shops closed. Props to eBay and Etsy for handling it so well!

Why was she doing this? She was one of the old school online scammers, a la the "bait-and-switch". She posted photos of items and unsuspecting buyers would buy them. It was usually beautiful vintage clothing that would never arrive, or arrive nowhere near the stated condition. I had purchased a $200 lot of vintage clothing that was described as, and included photos of, 75+ pieces of vintage clothing. The box I received had about 20 pieces of vintage clothing, in questionable condition, and the rest were just random thrift store items and possibly her ex-boyfriends' clothing.

Kitty didn't mind the clothes.
When I filed a complaint with eBay and PayPal, the harassment began. She had my name, address, phone number, and email address, and so was easily able to find my business and Facebook and any social media. She posted threats and all sorts of lies and profanities. It is nightmarish when you are going through it. I had to set up Google alerts and even considered hiring a hacker to take her offline. I can't explain the relief I felt when I was contacted by others going through the same thing. Then we only had each other. Now there are organizations ( and (

Just recently, as in January 1st, 2015, I felt safe enough to post a new website, and even link to all of my social media on this site. She may rear her ugly head again, but this time I am prepared. You may now legally prosecute someone for cyber-bullying. This wasn't the case in 2009 when this all went down. So much has changed in such a short time. This post is mostly cathartic, but also to make sure her story is kept alive and she does not get to fade quietly away.

"Living well is the best revenge." - George Herbert


  1. you r a fucking liar and a thief and you know it. We saw what you did with proof that you kept all the clothes and sent back ratty t shirts. nobody cyber bullied you she just stated facts that you are trash and you are. Keep talking shit and BTW she is still in business but you wou;dn/t know shit cause you are a low budget vintage wannabe hag that sells piure shit. having fun being pbsessed and talking to pedophile stalkers

    1. Wow. You are a hideous cunt. Can you not see you come off as illiterate, crazy, and extremely jealous? Coward. Hiding under anonymous accounts and pretending you have friends. No one is posting for you. We all know it's you. You should be embarrassed. Crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  2. So, apparently she is still at it. I was messaged by someone who she is currently harassing. "Anonymous" above is her, of course. Here is a blog that hasn't been active in a while but might need to be:

  3. Hey! The Dirty put her page back up!

  4. Here is her alias on Twitter:

    So much unintelligent, ignorant, hate.

  5. Oh, the PopFizzVintage stores are so beautiful! So full of wonderful items. You have thousands of followers and for good reason! I came here from Twitter to support you. I'm so sorry you ever had to deal with this. Know that you are not alone.

  6. There is no talking to crazy. Track the IP address and report her on those sites you mentioned. You could even do a GoFundMe and sue her in civil court. She needs some serious life lessons, and to get her G.E.D. That grammar! You have our support! ~The Rusty Zipper Crew

  7. OMG, she has been harrassing me and my family for years!!! She is always making fake accounts to try to act like she has friends on twitter. She keeps deleting tweets and changing acounts. Here is her new ebay store - versailles vintage. You should let them know.

  8. Wow, she is still as miserable and mean as ever. I can't believe the garbage she spews on Twitter. Her other website for is defunct. And, her eBay store has a lot of negative feedback. She's still scamming buyers. She'll be gone soon. They don't allow you to get below a certain percentage. All my shops on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon have 100% positive feedback and glowing reviews, so....

  9. That Twitter account is already suspended. A few of us reported it. You're welcome.


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