Spring 2010 Trend: Tiny Florals (featuring Etsy Items)

Haven't heard much more than amazement that the Grunge look of the 1990s is making a comeback. Loosely fitting dresses and rompers, high-waisted skorts and tapered pants, plaid flannel, tea florals, retro 1930s but with long messy hair. It was a juxtaposition of the prim with the very unproper. This little blog entry is on the retro 30s tea floral prints. These items are linked to their Etsy sellers' listings and all are under $50!

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More "tiny florals" from the shop (FREE shipping!):

How to do Alice in Wonderland Fashion

Since the release of Tim Burton's version of this classic fairy tale, the little girl in all of us can't wait to actually get to dress like Alice! For some of us, perhaps one of the Queens or the Mad Hatter is more our style. Either way, it's easy to find some whimsical, but not too costumey, pieces to work into our wardrobe. I did some hunting around on http://www.etsy.com/. Everything shown here is under $50 to as little as $5!


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What is Bohemian Fashion?

The Boho look came in a few years ago and is still going strong. When I think of Bohemian, so many elements come into play: hippie, rocker, ethnic, 1970s, girlie, fringe, gypsy, lace, ruffles, 1960s, peasant, embroidery, layers and most of all vintage!

It's so anything goes! Here are some runway looks for inspiration:

A simple search using "bohemian" on http://www.etsy.com/ is all you need for gorgeous vintage and handmade things. These things spoke to me. What will reach out to you?

This blog brought to you by www.popfizzvintage.com
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