My Bloody Valentine Trend

Having just dyed my hair something resembling this color, this little trend would be oh-so appropriate. It also works whether you love or hate Valentine's Day.

These items are from vintage sellers. Just click on the link to buy!

The 70s are HOT for Spring!

I love me some Urban Outfitters, but $172 for a pair of jeans doesn't always fit the budget. Their latest trend report says it's all about the '70s, so why not nab some actual clothing from the era, and recreate their looks for less?

All items are currently listed on Etsy:


Find more great 70s stuff at
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(for the New Year!)

Fashion Trend: Confetti Prints

Multi-colored speckled canvases and bubblegum patterns. This week's blog featuring items from Etsy.

Want to see more? Search for "confetti" under the vintage menu.

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