Rebel West

It's something about the combination of denim, frills, leather and fringe. Pocahontas meets Annie Oakley meets 2010.

For the lookbook:

Dress - DKNY - Sz 2 -
up for auction on eBay
Vest - XS - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Vintage Zodiac 7.5 (inquire within)

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"Rebel West" items from PopFizz:
70s FRINGE suede HIPPIE vest XS S

Lookbook 4/27 & 4/28

I do love to incorporate vintage items into my wardrobe. Upon request, I will start posting some outfits again.

April 27th - High of 60
Vintage Zodiac Boots - Thrift
Guess Jeans - Guess Outlet
Old Navy Hooded Cardigan - Thrift
Obi Wrap Belt - eBay
Knit Striped Asymm Vest - Rainbow

April 28th - High of 70
Dress by Converse

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Spring 2010 Trend: Tie Dye

What better fashion craze to post about on 4/20 than tie dye? This is a trend you don't need smoke rings to appreciate. Here are some stunning items, both handmade and vintage, found on


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Spring 2010 Trend: Graphic Brights

One of my absolute favorite outfits as a child was a neon green cable knit sweater and neon paint splashed jeans. I kid you not. Well...the brights are back, baby!

I had soooo much fun finding these items for you. Hope you enjoy perusing and maybe pick up a little something for the warm months ahead. These are all Etsy items!


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Brights from the shop:


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