Haven't updated in awhile. Blogger's block? Found something to inquire about to our followers, though!

What kind of sale draws you in? Free shipping? Buy-One-Get-Ones? Overall discount like 25% off?

We have an Etsy-On-Sale account and can offer up coupon codes for Etsy or the overstock site (www.popfizzvintage.com) which already has free shipping. 

So far, whenever we run a sale through EOS, the cheapest little items get picked off and no one uses the discount for the big ticket things. Coupon codes rarely get used. So, is it only the bargain hunters that even care about a sale? What makes you think it's a good deal?

Would love some input, shoppers! Will then try out some of your ideas!

Coupon codes for anyone who comments, just message me for one.


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