Really? How the hell did you get into doing THAT?

Ok, people. I will make this as brief as possible.

I am a product of the materialistc 80's. Never ever caught dead shopping at Kmart. If you didn't have Guess jeans and EG socks, you didn't show your face as school.

Thanks to these ladies.

I've always loved fashion. A defining moment was when I was 10 and charged my mom $10 to clean the entire house every weekend so I could save up and by my first pair of designer jeans.

In high school, I was featured in the yearbook every year in the "What's Hot" fashion section. Yes, I was the one that started the crimped hair trend at my school, and yes, sticker tattoos on our faces. I'm not proud.

My hair was exactly like that guy in the back middle.

Anyhoo...I am fast-forwarding through the horribly fashion-less 90s to when I started swing dancing and 40s vintage was all the rage.

That's me on the right in a 40s sailor top.

That is when I fell in love with thrift stores and church sales. Though I have grown bored with swing dancing, I will never tire of the thrill of the hunt and amazing fashion finds.

Me this past Fall in 1970s drama.

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