2020 Trends: SLEEVES

SLEEEEEEEVES! All the rage for 2020, most likely due to the new prevalence of Zoom meetings. Something eye-catching for upper body visuals. Here are just a few of the options. Currently available as of this posting! Check the Etsy shop via www.popfizzvintage.com



Angel Sleeves 


Balloon Sleeves 

Fashion Flash - Layers of Ruffles!

Literally taking a page from a magazine titled "Mille-feuille", here are some attainable finds from Etsy featuring the delicate layers from the classic French pastry.

Based on this article:

From BadBabyVintage, size S, $34:
From shop ModdyChicVintage, size XS/S, $40:

From VintageDrifter, size M, $70:
From shop VintageAgency, size L, $31:

From shop AutumnsChild, size S, $41:

From shop VenusInFringe, size S, $74:

 How did I find these? I searched for "vintage layered ruffles" or "vintage sheer ruffles".

More from the PopFizzVintage shop:

Wedding Dress, size XS/S:

80s Skirt, size M/L, $30:

80s Dress, size S/M, $40:

80s Dress, size M, $42:

3 Ways to Update Vintage Clothing

I get asked a lot what "upcycling" is. I use this term whenever I alter a vintage garment. Here are some ways in which you can easily update an item to fit more modern trends.

1. Physical alterations. Shorten the hemline or sleeves. Remove or replace buttons. Snip out those shoulder pads. I personally would never alter certain classic looks like most antique items from the 1920s to the 1950s (unless they are damaged). However, check out this amazing redo of a 1950s dress by shortening a hem and removing the bodice lining.

2. Update the accessories. Just because it comes with an ascot or a belt doesn't mean you have to use it. While you are at it, snip off those string belt loops. Those are only there for the belt to stay attached to the dress in the department store. Once you get it home, they need to go. I'm shocked at how often I still find those on garments. But, I digress. Here we have a vintage 60s Girl Scout uniform with a vintage scarf, modern woven belt, black tights and combat boots.

3. Attitude. Have the confidence that you can pull it off. I wear eclectic all the time. I have made it my thing and folks are excited to see my outfits. Here is another idea I use all the time. This skirt probably came with a darling matching top, but it's just too much taffeta and polka dots. Remember "What Not To Wear"? I love some of their quotes, including "Things do not need to match, they just need to go." Like this tough tee and vicious red pumps.

And now for some of my favorite upcycled items from the shop!

Vintage 60s Floral Velvet Mini Dress
This was a full-length dress. It was just too much.

Vintage 60s Pleated Micro Mini Dress
The sleeves cuffs had lost elastic and had stains.
Vintage 90s High Waist Shorts
These had been poorly altered to capri length.
Check out all the fun modernized stuff at www.popfizzvintage.com!

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